High speed roller doors from the EFLAFLEX range were installed at a carpark in Sydney to resolve the low headroom limitations.

Available from DMF International, the EFAFLEX SST PS N featuring a low lintel head assembly was the roller door of choice, requiring less than 280mm clearance above the opening to fit the head in; this wouldn’t have been possible with a normal roller door. The stepped layout of each door also allowed for the full utilisation of the available floor area in the carpark.

Multi-level underground carparks constantly present a challenge for mounting security roller doors, especially when it is necessary to provide sufficient clearances around the opening to achieve the desired clear opening sizes. EFAFLEX SST PS high speed doors, with the low lintel option, are the ideal choice in these situations.

EFAFLEX SST PS high speed doors deliver an opening speed of 1.5m/sec. While opening speed is an important consideration, one aspect of the doors that is often not considered is the number of cycles they can achieve. Many facility carpark applications will have doors performing in excess of 500 cycles over a 24-hour period.

With the new EFA-Tronic door controller, exclusive to EFAFLEX, DMF was able to interface the door with the existing security system ensuring a complete secure and functional outcome for the end user.