Dock Levellers from DMF International come with hydraulic, air or mechanical power. They have a lift capacity of in excess of 14 tonnes. Dock levellers’ design includes safety hydraulic fuses to prevent free-fall, adjustable operational speed, robust piano hinges, laminated rubber bumpers, and full range toe guards.

DMF Dock Levellers come in three main stock sizes, and in a choice of colours depending on customer requirements. They can also be custom made.

Features of Dock levellers:

  • Installation Pit mounted
  • Action Electro Hydraulic
  • Standard levelling range +/- 300mm
  • Power requirements 415V 3 phase (single ph optional)
  • Power pack is placed below deck
  • Hydraulics hydraulic fail safe, with inverted cylinder for protection. See-thru Hydraulic tank for quick check
  • Bumpers laminated rubber bumpers
  • Dock levellers have toe guards
  • Deck flotation check form hydraulics
  • Decking 8mm chequer plate, with positive maintained tilt of 100mm
  • Loading lip 450mm lip in 16mm high tensile tread steel, with full length piano hinging. Optional up to 610mm