Sydney-based rapid roll door manufacturer DMF International offers fast action doors to meet the unique needs of the warehousing and logistics industry. DMF International has almost 50 years of experience in controlled climate solutions and security for large dock openings.

The warehousing and logistics industry constantly seeks better and more efficient solutions to improve product storage conditions. Addressing these requirements, DMF offers Series RL3000 rapid roll doors that can be customised at their Sydney factory to meet the most demanding or even dimensionally constrained application requested by the customer.

The custom manufactured high speed doors can be integrated with many types of activation and safety sensors. The controller comes with PLC and invertor control and limit door settings are set by encoder control. With operating speeds of up to 1.5m/s, DMF’s RL3000 rapid roll doors are designed to preserve storage conditions even in high-traffic environments.

As a local manufacturer, DMF has the design capabilities to go beyond standard door componentry, to fully customise the high speed door for specific applications. DMF can install their high speed doors across Australia as well as in NZ, SE Asia and the UAE.

Image: Series RL3000 rapid roll doors can be customised at DMF’s Sydney factory