DMF International is enhancing the safety of their rapid roller doors by offering new visual safety features designed to protect users as well as the doors.

Rapid roller doors are a popular climate control solution at warehouses and docks in Australia. The fast action doors can operate with opening speeds of over 3.0m/second depending on the model, and have closing speeds usually set at half the opening speed.

In addition to electronic safety sensors, DMF offers visual safety devices for their rapid roller doors. These devices include a full width clear vision safety window and a Hi-Vis skirt.

Full width clear vision safety windows

This panel is constructed independent of the main panel allowing simple replacement. Unlike some door models on the market that only use small window sections within the panel, DMF doors come with a full width clear window providing increased vision across the door. These safety windows are recommended particularly for openings used by pedestrian and forklift traffic.

Hi-Vis skirt

The optional Hi-Vis skirt on the bottom rail provides the rapid roll door with an enhanced visual safety feature. This feature is particularly useful in noisy locations where the operating door may not be heard.

DMF also offers a large range of optional safety sensors.