All Australian company DMF International manufactures a wide range of climate control doors including the flexible PVC Swingflex doors, traffic doors and Visiflex strip curtains. Quiet in operation, DMF Swingflex climate control doors are custom manufactured in sizes up to 3000H x 3000W. Larger sizes can also be supplied with special modifications.

Recommended for use in supermarkets, retail stores, commercial kitchens and processing areas, Swingflex and high impact traffic doors are also ideal for high level clinical production areas. Flexible PVC impact doors protect busy working environments from dust, noise and temperature. Also suitable for light pedestrian traffic and trolleys, these PVC doors come in a heavy duty model for forklift traffic.

The high durability of DMF Swingflex PVC doors makes them suitable for controlling temperature, dust, vermin and noise even in the toughest environment. Designed for both pedestrian and forklift traffic, the door offers ease of operation with a simple push triggering the opening.

The door mechanism allows the Swingflex door to swing 180 degrees and return automatically to the closed position. The door can be supplied as singles, pairs, or offset pairs with the PVC panel in clear finish or featuring special laminated coloured or vinyl finishes. Swingflex PVC doors come with anodised aluminium door frames, which may be epoxy powder coated, and with full brush or PVC sealing against the jamb.

A fully adjustable torque spring mechanism and top/bottom side mounted fixing mounts for special applications are some of the other features of Swingflex PVC doors.

DMF International operates a full network of agents throughout Australia and South East Asia, and can offer comprehensive sales, installation and service.