EFAFLEX SFT-S high speed folding doors from DMF International were installed at the new Charnwood Fire Rescue Station in Australian Capital Territory (ACT) for the Appliance Bays.

The fire rescue station’s choice of doors for this application had a bearing on the effective operation of the entire facility. Working closely with the architects, DMF supplied a fast acting folding door that met all the stringent requirements of the station.

Integrated with the site’s security access system and providing full height clear vision for maximum safety, DMF’s fast acting folding doors delivered the required speed of operation, while maintaining complete weather protection when closed; this was an important consideration, given the large range of climatic conditions experienced in the ACT.

In addition to its high functionality, the EFAFLEX SFT-S high speed folding door is visually appealing and adds to the overall aesthetics of the entire facility.