A compact home lift was installed in a house in Sydney, successfully addressing the challenge of limited space availability.

The smallest home elevator available from Direct Lifts Australia, the Air30 home lift can perform as well as any regular size elevator. For this installation in Merimbula, NSW, the available space was just 750mm; however, the installation was successful.

The Air30 only requires a 32-inch floor hole cylinder, making it an adaptable, compact and cost-effective option for townhouses and other tight spaces where a traditional lift would not be viable.

Small lifts for limited space installations

Residents of townhouses or any two-storey homes with limited space and no place for an elevator, can still install a small lift. Smaller than traditional home elevators, the Air30 will fit into tighter spaces and adapt well within smaller homes.

Air30 home lifts

Offering a compact and cost-effective alternative to taking the stairs, the Air30 home lift is ideal for townhouses and other tight areas where a traditional residential elevator wouldn’t even be a consideration. The Air30 only requires a 32″ finished through floor hole for the elevator cylinder.

Instead of a large elevator shaft, this self-contained home elevator rests on the existing ground floor and provides a beautiful panoramic view as you travel from floor to floor within your home. During the ascent or descent, you will enjoy cool, ambient temperatures as a cabin fan circulates the air in the cabin and an LED light keeps it well-lit. 


  • Material: Aluminium, Clear Acrylic
  • Manufacturer: U.S.A
  • Maximum capacity: 159kg
  • No pre-­construction pit, hoistway or machine room required
  • Single passenger elevator
  • External cylinder diameter: 750mm
  • 9m/30ft per minute travelling speed
  • Automatic interior LED lighting and fan
  • In-line door openings