An Ascendor PLG7 platform lift from Direct Lifts Australia designed to move wheelchair users up and down the stairs was installed for a client in Newstead QLD.

Visiting the Direct Lifts showroom just before the lockdown, the customer had checked and tested the PLG7 platform lift. They complimented the straightforward design and control panel that allowed users to roll on and off easily.

Installed in a day, the wheelchair lift has improved the client’s mobility.

Convenient wheelchair lifts for stairs

What do you do if a customer has a mobility issue and they need to go up and down the stairs? Many businesses don’t have an answer to this question.

The Ascendor PLG7 is the perfect solution because its installation versatility allows it to be installed inside or outside, its compact design fitting in tight spaces and navigating difficult conditions with ease. Designed with reliability in mind, the Ascendor PLG has a proven track record that speaks volumes about its dependability.

Versatile application

Ascendor platform stairlifts have been widely installed in both public and commercial settings. It’s a versatile solution for wheelchair users and people with other walking impairments who rely on rollators or portable seats (fold-out seats).

Key benefits of Ascendor platform wheelchair lifts include indoor and outdoor application; low installation and running costs; DDA compliance; and suitability for both straight and curved stairs.

Basic equipment features

  • Fully automated control of safety arms and platform
  • Stainless steel handrail and drive rack
  • Emergency call button and emergency stop function
  • Smooth start/stop and velocity reduction in the curve