Dincel Construction System delivered a watertight solution to the contractors building the new Charles Bank Crocodile Farm near Townsville.

Building a crocodile farm can be a complex job given that the breeding enclosures need to be structurally secure as well as waterproof. Figurehead Construction, the contractors charged with building the new Charles Bank Crocodile Farm also had to navigate the challenges of a remote location as well as select materials that would safeguard the health of the crocodiles.

Figurehead Construction chose Dincel Construction System, a lightweight, waterproof modular formwork made from a durable ridged polymer, and designed to click into position to quickly build structural walls and columns, filled with ready mixed concrete on site.

Manufactured in Australia, the prefabricated formwork is suitable for both above and below ground applications, and also offers watertight protection to eliminate the need for an additional waterproofing membrane.

The contractors chose the Dincel formwork system for its adaptability, resulting in easy handling and installation for the two on-site construction workers, and a cost effective solution that also kept the project budget in check.

The Dincel Construction System delivered several advantages to Figurehead Construction on the crocodile farm project. The remote off road location would have caused access issues if precast concrete or concrete blocks had been specified for the job as they are heavy to transport and cranes would have been unable to navigate the terrain.

However, the lightweight Dincel Construction System could be delivered easily, with the trucks able to come right up to the site.

Mark Semmens, Contract Administrator at Figurehead Construction said that the Dincel system ticked all the boxes as far as product specifications were concerned. Being lightweight, waterproof and easy to install, Dincel was able to resolve all the challenges of the remote location.

The crocodile farm also required a solution proven to be suitable for aquaculture, presenting no risk of toxins leaching into the water and impacting the crocodiles’ health. Made from a PVC polymer that contains no heavy metals, VOC or contaminates, Dincel was found to be the perfect system, backed by a CSIRO confirmation that Dincel offered the best possible water quality, with volatile matter 50 times better than the Green Star threshold.

Tested and approved by the CSIRO, Dincel Construction System is ideal for basement walls, water tanks and swimming pools in subterranean applications, providing waterproof, crack-free and joint-free walls that are also termite-resistant and rot-proof.

Australian made and internationally patented, the Dincel Construction System offers builders and developers up to 50 per cent faster construction time and up to 43 per cent in cost saving as a load bearing engineering system.

The Dincel system was recently awarded the Best Environmental Practice (BEP) Approval Mark after meeting the strict Green Building Council Best Practice Guidelines for PVC.