Dimension One Glass Fencing has released a product that allows people to see through walls. Glass pool windows are ideal for any residential or commercial pool, even pools that are limited by size, and are particularly helpful for swimming and diving coaches who require underwater viewing for training and safety reasons. The glass used is 12 millimetres thick and is set into the concrete so no framing is required.

To maintain the decorative and protective properties of the coating, a gentle clean with mild detergent and a soft brush is all that is required. By rinsing with fresh water after, the glass pool window will be long lasting and better performing. Customers should not that using strong abrasive cleaners and solvents will be harmful to the powder coating of the glass.

There are a number of features and benefits of installing a glass pool window in a residential or commercial pool including a stylish, unique and modern look. The glass introduces natural light and makes smaller pools feel more spacious. It acts as an excellent safety mechanism for parents with young children, or for swimming schools too.