Many glass fencing companies use stainless steel posts in semi-frameless glass fencing to exhibit a highly polished finish, usually incorporating a clamp, which holds the glass. This can result in a bulky look, which can be unattractive, since glass fencing exhibits a seamless unobtrusive design, which integrates with the landscape. Stainless steel in semi frameless glass fencing can also be hard to maintain.

Dimension One Glass Fencing  use an anodised aluminium post for semi frameless fencing with a satin finish. A variety of colours are available but many people opt for the satin silver finish as it can tend to fade into the landscape rather than standing out, giving users the invisible fence they desire. The anodised aluminium post incorporates a cavity style, which can be ‘rubbered’ in, similar to that of a car windscreen, resulting in a streamline effect eliminating bulkiness.

The anodised aluminium posts, available from Dimension One Glass Fencing, have no ‘tea staining’, unlike that of the stainless steel post, which can develop an aged look only a few months after installation. Anodised aluminium posts do not have this issue, making them long lasting and maintenance free. Dimension One Glass Fencing anodised aluminium posts for semi frameless glass fencing are made from structural aluminium and are 50mm wind rated to withstand cyclonic winds.