DecorSlat from Decor Systems is an innovative slatted wood panel system that adds a timeless touch to ceiling and wall design.

Manufactured with perfectly aligned and spaced wood strips, DecorSlat timber slats are ideal for covering large ceiling areas in a unique and eye-catching way. Panel grilles can provide decorative treatments for walls and ceilings.

With DecorSlat’s wide selection of wood species, styles and custom stains and finishes, a unique ceiling or wall design is only limited by the designer’s imagination.

The warmth and natural vibe delivered by timber slats cannot be found in any other material. For architectural acoustics, DecorSlat modules can be installed with DecorSorb acoustic textile backing to ensure a dramatic drop in incidental sound in the space.

The three-dimensional effect of timber panelling can be enhanced by separating and dispersing the panels, creating a striking, linear look that delivers light and air into the environment.

Available in a huge selection of finishes, DecorSlat is a cost-effective means of making a standout statement in ceiling and wall design.