Decor Systems has added new colours to their SmartLook perforated timber panel range.

Continuing to deliver all the acoustic and aesthetic qualities of perforated and slotted timber, the SmartLook collection offers an economical choice for more versatile application in any building project. SmartLook panels offer high acoustic performance, are environment-friendly and also 100 per cent recyclable.

Available in more than 10 different finishes and foil laminates, SmartLook is supplied in a range of standard sizes with the most popular perforated and slotted patterns for savvy builders, architects and designers. The modest pricing of these panels does not compromise quality, with all panels offered prefinished in a choice of colour and finish.

The SmartLook collection comes with the added advantages of GECA accreditation, comprehensive acoustic test results, and a guarantee of 10 years.

As a building material, timber offers a unique combination of natural beauty, versatility and environmental credentials. At the end of the building’s life, the timber can then be recycled and used for other ‘reclaimed wood’ products.

Decor Systems Australia works with designers on their architectural concepts, ensuring optimum acoustic outcomes and blending them with the aesthetic schematics required on any project.