Decor Systems worked with Adelaide-based architecture practice Stallard Meek Flightpath on a recent school refurbishment project in Norwood, SA. Decor Systems has collaborated with the architectural studio on several exciting projects over the past couple of years including Hutt Street Centre and Seaview High School.

Located in the central Adelaide suburb of Norwood, Seaview High School went through both refurbishments and new builds on their Seacombe Heights campus to help create modern learning environments.

The refurbishment to an existing building on the campus aimed to provide contemporary learning areas including spaces to deliver STEM education. A new two-level multipurpose creative space was built from the ground up to provide a performance space encompassing rehearsal workshops and amenities.

Decor Systems supplied their DecorZen acoustic system to ensure optimal sound conditions throughout the performance space.

DecorZen’s perforated acoustic panels are impactful in the large and expansive space. All four sides of the panels feature matching edging as an optional extra to create a striking appearance while also demonstrating the attention to detail that Stallard Meek Flightpath exercises in their designs.

DecorSorb was supplied as backing for the DecorZen acoustic panels to achieve maximum sound absorption, which was imperative in a space used for learning and performing.

Products and Finishes

Substrate & Thickness: 12mm FR MDF

Veneer: Southern Oak NTV

Finish: 2PP 30% Gloss – Clear

Panel Size: 2400×1200 where applicable, custom as needed

Borders: Solid 50mm

Edging: Matching edging applied to all 4 sides

Acoustic Lining: DecorSorb IAB Factory applied to the rear of panels

Fixing System: DSB