Decor Systems offers the widest range of decorative acoustic panel systems for discerning designers and their design challenges.

While timber acoustic panels offer architects an amazing array of design possibilities, there are other substrate options that may better suit various projects. Decor Systems offers acoustic panels featuring substrates made from fibre cement, metal, plasterboard, aluminium and wood-wool composites.

Decor Systems’ product range includes CEWOOD cemented wood wool panels, VOGL seamless perforated plasterboard, DECORLINI linear acoustic planks, DECORLUX perforated fibre cement and DECORMETL bespoke metal panels among many more.

Products from Decor Systems address all of your key challenges, especially when they involve issues such as moisture, mould, impact resistance, rust, acoustics, sustainability and fire ratings.

Decor Systems: We are not just ‘wood’ people.