Timber has been a popular building material for centuries, and is appreciated for its combination of natural appeal, broad functionality and environmental credentials. Sustainability is a given when it comes to building with timber: by storing carbon extracted from the atmosphere efficiently, wood replaces the need for other heavy carbon producing materials such as brick, aluminium and plastic.

Building with timber, therefore, helps to lower the ‘carbon impact’ of each building structure on the environment and in turn, reduces the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere.

Timber can also be recycled at the end of a building’s life, and used for other ‘reclaimed wood’ products.

Decor Systems works with designers to develop a wide range of architectural concepts, ensuring optimum acoustic outcomes and blending them with the aesthetic schematics required on any project.

Timber is a versatile building material, available in a wide range of colours, grains and finishes; offers unrivalled beauty, warmth, character and texture; has low embedded energy with production requiring minimal energy use; offsets carbon by replacing energy-intensive materials such as plastic, HPL and aluminium; and is sustainable with an average 25-50 year growth cycle, and sourced from certified (FSC or PEFC) forests.