A collaborative artwork by nine Waringarri artists was turned into a 33-metre mural for the Kununurra Ochre Health Centre using VitraPanel from CSP Architectural.

The Kununurra Ochre Health Centre was constructed to revitalise healthcare in the area while using the opportunity to connect the community, the land and the sky all together.

The $20 million purpose-built development was project managed by the Department of Finance’s Building Management and Works business with the construction services provider, John Holland working closely with the Indigenous community by involving them in every stage of the construction.

VitraPanel, a prefinished compressed fibre cement panel from CSP Architectural was used for the Bush Medicine project, which aimed to make art more accessible to the community. The artwork, themed ‘bush medicine’ saw the collaboration of nine Waringarri artists with the piece demonstrating the importance of traditional knowledge. The artwork was digitally printed on VitraPanel and turned into a 33-metre mural artwork.

The Bush Medicine original artwork was a finalist in the 2013 Suleman Prize.