CSP Architectural presents Alfrex Solid, a fully compliant, non-combustible, prefinished solid aluminium panel suitable for type A, B and C constructions as well as recladding projects.

Manufactured in South Korea, the high quality Alfrex Solid panels ensure a superior finish to your building. The aluminium panels are available in a wide range of colours and sizes with customisation options for colour matching to suit any design concept. Alfrex Solid also comes in a range of anodised looks and hairline finishes.

Being non-combustible and fully compliant with BCA requirements, Alfrex Solid can be used on all construction types including new constructions and recladding projects. Alfrex Solid is considered a superior metal cladding product by architects, builders, installers and many other industry experts. 

Alfrex Solid is manufactured by high-quality roll coating (roll-to-roll continuous) method, which ensures all panels have a uniform coat. The premium paints used on prefinished Alfrex Solid panels provide optimum resistance to weather and industrial pollution.

Key features of Alfrex Solid aluminium panels include prefinished panel surface with primer treated reverse side for extra protection; excellent machinability from use of series 3003 aluminium, allowing flexibility in the design and fabrication of the panels while ensuring design intent is achieved; and high quality product supported by extensive testing.

A safe, fully compliant cladding choice for all applications, Alfrex Solid prefinished solid aluminium panels are stocked and supported by CSP Architectural in multiple states across Australia.