Design flexibility and a streamlined appearance were the main reasons Multiglaze partitioning suite from Criterion Industries was specified for the Australian & International Pilots Association office.

Designed for 13mm plasterboard, Criterion’s Multiglaze partitions suit 51mm and 64mm stud thicknesses. The sturdy door frame concept based on the three point fixing design creates robust and secure frames, while accommodating a range of door thicknesses. 

Well suited for silicone butt-jointed glass partitioning, the Multiglaze suite can be installed easily in different office environments and presents a more permanent office division solution with added privacy, security and acoustic benefits.

Key benefits of glass partition walls for offices include the ability to maximise natural light in the workplace; light dispersion throughout the space creating a mood-elevating sense of openness; and increased use of natural light helping reduce energy bills. Privacy can also be ensured by adding frosted finish or tint to the glass panels.