Living several storeys above ground level in an apartment complex does not prevent burglars from invading your space. If you are renting an apartment, there are security concerns you need to be aware of so that you can take suitable precautions. According to crime experts, while most apartments have fewer points of entry, they also have more people walking about, making it easy and convenient for burglars to enter and leave an apartment complex – unnoticed and undetected.

Intruders can also climb onto balconies and enter through unlocked doors and windows, or break into car parks and storage cages. In fact, in Australia, one property is broken into every three minutes, so it’s important to remain vigilant, no matter what floor you live on.

Here are our top tips to keep yourself and your property safe in a rental apartment:

Before you move…

  • Do your homework: Check out the local crime rates online. Talk to neighbours, other locals and police to find out how safe the area is.
  • Score your apartment: Crimsafe has a really useful online tool to help you work out how safe your apartment is and how you can help protect it. Take the Secure Score quiz here.
  • Start at the front door: Make sure the entrances to your complex and your apartment are secure and make sure your apartment lock was changed after the previous tenant left. Look for extra security features such as peepholes, chain locks, key codes, cameras and Crimsafe screens on windows and balcony doors.
  • Don’t forget the back door: Emergency exits and fire escapes are often easy ways for burglars to get in. Check that they are secure and well-lit. Make sure it’s easy for you to get out through these exits during an emergency. Our Safe-S-Cape range may be an ideal solution.
  • Check windows too: Windows are another easy way for burglars to get in. Good landlords will make sure the locks are working and that the windows are secured with Crimsafe screens.
  • Look for light: Make sure your complex has good lighting, especially in hallways, stairwells and car parks. Motion-sensor lights are great. Security cameras are even better!
  • Maintenance matters: Leaky taps, broken lights and poor general upkeep could mean a complex needs more attention. Check that all locks and any security alarms and cameras are working properly, and make sure the landlord is planning to fix any problems quickly.

After you move…

  • Get insured: Sometimes bad things happen, and it makes sense to take out Renters Insurance to cover your furniture and personal possessions for damage or theft.
  • Get acquainted: Meet your neighbours. They’re more likely to warn you about any suspicious behaviour if they know you.
  • Lock up: If there’s no deadbolt or chain lock on your apartment door, ask your landlord if you can install one. If there are no Crimsafe or other security screens on your balcony doors or windows, ask if you can install locks to secure these as well.
  • Get a safe: Better still, get a safe with an alarm so you can store any cash, jewellery, important documents and valuables securely and out of plain sight.
  • Invest in wireless security: There are many affordable wireless security cameras that connect to your smartphone so you can chat with anyone who comes to your door without opening it. Wireless alarms are available too. Just check with your landlord before installing these.