When you are renovating or building your home, it’s always wise to plan your home security during the early part of the project schedule. Doing so will not only provide clarity on what you need to secure your home but it will also help you budget better and get the final design outcome to your expectations.

A home security wishlist would typically include security screens on doors and windows, an alarm system, deadlocks and home monitoring cameras. By integrating these items into your building or renovating process, you can simplify the installation and also save money.

Security Screens

Security screens are often overlooked during the home building or renovation process because of other priorities that need immediate attention. However, the sooner you can decide on security screens for your home, the better it will be for the final outcome – your choice of screening product will have a significant impact on how safe your home will be, how effectively it can capture the breeze, how well it deals with insects and pests, and how good it looks from outside and inside. Given the broad range of security screens available in the market, you will have to give yourself sufficient time to consider all options and make the right decision that covers all the bases.

Security Screens Vs Fly Screens

One of the issues confronting homeowners during the building or renovating process is deciding between security screens and fly screens for their home. Fly screens are a cheaper option, and many people opt for them with thoughts of upgrading to security screens subsequently. Though you would be saving money initially with fly screens, remember that they will need to be discarded when you do decide to install security screens. Besides, fly screens only serve to prevent pests from entering the house and do little to keep out intruders.

Many people choose fly screens and end up using them long term. This can inadvertently compromise the safety and security of their home and family. It’s a familiar trap that can possibly be avoided by planning and budgeting for security screens upfront.

Besides, fly screens on doors are easily damaged by pets and curious toddlers.

Perfect Match

Aesthetics is an important factor to consider when selecting your security screens. When you decide on security screens after painstakingly designing and building your beautiful new home or costly renovation, you could end up with a home exterior where the screens look like they were added as an afterthought. You can avoid this potential mismatch by choosing your security screens upfront, and ensuring they visually blend with your selection of windows and doors.

Consider high quality, architectural security screens from Crimsafe Security Systems for your home. You can even match the powder-coated colour for a seamless look that perfectly complements your windows and doors.