Patio security screens from Crimsafe Security Systems have been installed at a house in Central Coast, NSW to provide security as well as energy efficiency.

Installed by Crimsafe licensee Door Master Security, Crimsafe Ultimate patio enclosures fully enclose two sides of the home, creating an unobtrusive outer skin to provide increased energy efficiency.

Crimsafe’s patio enclosures inhibit the transfer of heat by up to 53 per cent, creating a moderating effect on the internal temperature of the home. As a result, the home’s interior remains cooler in warmer weather while heat loss is minimised during the winter months, reducing the occupants’ reliance on heating and cooling appliances without compromising their comfort factor.

Since the house was situated near the coast, the security screens needed to withstand the demanding salt spray environment. Purpose-built for coastal conditions, Crimsafe Ultimate is an architectural product constructed from 304 stainless steel woven, pre-treated and powder coated mesh, which resists corrosion. A protective cover conceals the patented 410 stainless steel tamper-resistant installation screws within a sealed chamber.

Crimsafe Ultimate patio enclosure was chosen both for its suitability for large panel installations to provide uninterrupted views as well as its superior performance in harsh marine environments.