Security is often overlooked by many business owners and operators, primarily because of the expense it entails in terms of equipment. Security systems such as cameras, alarms, online protection and physical barriers come at a significant cost to the business. However, companies also need to think whether they can afford to put a price tag on the safety of their assets and employees.

Keeping the critical importance of business security in mind, Crimsafe Security Systems has introduced Crimsafe iQ, a new range of stainless steel mesh security doors designed to take protection to the next level.

Featuring a leading-edge design, this security door functions as an excellent barrier at building entrances and exits as well as on windows of all shapes and sizes. Crimsafe iQ is available with optional smart keyless locking options that allow business owners to implement personalised access codes for staff, enabling greater monitoring and access.

Considered the strongest stainless steel mesh security door in Australia, Crimsafe iQ is able to withstand seven times more impact than what’s required to meet Australian standards. Its strength can be gauged from the fact that it’s the only mesh security screen door to pass the world’s toughest burglar resistance test.

Built on patented technology, Crimsafe iQ features heavy duty hinges and a thicker and wider frame, making it highly resistant to attack. Incorporating smart features ensures maximum security, convenience and flexibility.

Crimsafe iQ is available in a choice of two models:

The iQ-m series employs five individual lock modules, providing ten-point locking, and a mechanical key lock making it incredibly strong and resistant to attack.

The iQ-e series features three lock modules, providing six-point locking, and electronic access options including PIN code keypad, Bluetooth and key fob entry. The iQ-e series is wired into a power source, and also has an override manual key lock in the event of a power failure.

Electronic access options enable companies to give access to multiple employees, and offer timed locking mechanisms. It can even offer emergency release functionality for compliance with all Office Health and Safety codes.