Creative Displays Solutions  offers display solutions for real estates. Creative Displays Solutions also manufactures custom made display solutions apart from their catalogue which contains range of choice from 300 offices. Associated products and services are also offered. Creative Displays Solution's display solutions are suitable for any office environment. Creative Displays Solutions along with Interactive Digital Displays have launched interactive through glass LCD touch screen system for the first time in Australia. This Interactive through glass LCD touch screen systems facilitates the companies to advertise all their products and services together, this can be fitted in the front window of the companies and shops like car retailers, in museums, trade shows, real estate agents, universities and retailers. It allows 24 hours showcase of the companies products and services. Its 40 inch LCD screen can be viewed from 300 meters and internet can be connected to help the clients to record any personnel information for further contact. It is designed that connect network between more than 2000 offices for immediate response among their group. This system' s software is ideal for almost all companies that it can generate inquiry reports, virtual tours, location maps etc. Wall mountable touch interactive screens of 42 or 50 inch is suitable for showrooms, receptions, conference hall etc.