Craft Metals , a supplier of non-ferrous metal roofing system, distributes metal roofings from the metal roofing manufacturers Rheinzink, KME and Alcan. Double standing seam, the batten system, interlocking tile system and astro roofing system are some of the zinc roofing systems from Craft Metals. The electrolytic high grade zinc roofing is developed specifically for building construction.

The double standing seam is a roofing system that is featured by sharply defined lines with a number of detail variations. This roofing system from Craft Metals makes a lengthwise connection between adjacent sections. The double standing seam has a minimum height of 23 millimetres. The seams can be closed either with hands or seaming machine.

The batten roofing system from Craft Metals, otherwise called the roll cap roofing system, is also a type of lengthwise connection in which a metal clip is used to form a box-like joint. The roof panels are connected by clips and covered by capping.

The interlocking tile system, one of the roofing systems from Craft Metals, is square or diamond shaped roofing system. The tiles are available in six different shapes and sizes from Craft Metals and assure various finishes.

The astro roofing systems from Craft Metals are roll-formed zinc trays are available in various lengths to be spread on large areas.

All the metal roofing systems from Craft Metals which ensure safety, easy maintenance and elegant appearance are apt for residential, commercial, heritage, interior, and special application. All joints in the zinc roof system are water proof.