Craft Metals specialises in the supply of an eye-catching range of designer metals that meet the architectural, aesthetic and functional requirements of modern commercial roofs.

Modern commercial roofing systems not only need to conform to dramatic architectural forms, but are also expected to deliver all the functional, aesthetic and sustainable benefits. Craft Metals’ product range is designed to meet this specific demand in the building market.

Craft Metals supplies non-ferrous, non-rusting metals for roof and facade claddings, specialising in Rheinzink zinc, Novelis Falzonal aluminium and KME Tecu copper materials.

A curved feature roof with a graceful pre-weathered patina was recently created for the new Highpoint Shopping Centre in Melbourne using Rheinzink titanium zinc supplied by Craft Metals.

Commenting on the retail centre project, Craft Metals’ national technical manager Dirk Janssen explained that Rheinzink titanium zinc cladding was used for the project since the metal alloy delivers several advantages for architects including forming a natural, protective patina, 100% recyclability and low energy consumption for production over its lifetime. The Rheinzink pre-weathered finish reduces reflectivity and emphasises the organic look of this feature.

Janssen commented that Rheinzink pre-weathered material was chosen at Highpoint for its classical appearance and for its capacity to follow the complex double curved structure with different radiuses. It also met the requirements for tapered sheets to form the indi­rectly fixed double standing seam cladding.

For the zinc eave edges to match the roof shape, which resembled a roller-coaster track with steep and low pitched sections, the substructure elements had to be shaped from irregular, tapered segments, followed by zinc cladding with indi­vidually roll-formed roof trays that fit like a glove.