Through a balanced approach to both passion and process, Covet believes in the power of the handmade, and by working alongside designers, the best outcomes are inevitable.

The latest collaboration with Esoteriko on their Coco & Lola retail tenancy in Manly stands as a firm testament to the rewards reaped from that shared vision.

From early engagement, the cross-disciplinary dedication between the most elevated design and performance outcomes for the space was a natural fit. “We aren’t just delivering a finished product on site,” Anthony Scott, Covet managing director said. “It is carefully crafted on site and takes time – the installer, like any artisan, needs time to finesse their work. One of the most important parts of our (Covet Concrete Terrazzo Overlay) is to understand the level of craft, time and patience needed to deliver such a bespoke finish.”

Taking inspiration from the cold shell tenancy, Anna Trefely, director and founder of Esoteriko said, “It had quite an industrial feeling to it, with the exposed soffit and mechanical systems left uncovered, and retaining a sense of that was important.” In imagining the brand’s first northern beaches outpost and considering the intense foot traffic received by the retailer, Esoteriko’s focus was squarely on an enduring and robust finish underfoot.

“Our materials and approach were obviously informed by the brand,” Anna noted, “being that it is quite feminine, while also introducing a coastal element, and as a result our design became an interesting exploration of texture.”

Due to the scaled proportions of the space, a lower datum focused the eye downward, with the floor finish as a key highlight. “We wanted a continuous and sinuous floor surface to complete our vision,” Anna added, “and while it needed to look like a boutique store, it also needed to be hardwearing, and the white pink marble aggregate set within Alabaster white terrazzo overlay, really helped conceal sand and dirt.”

Able to work within the tight deadlines of retail, Covet positioned themselves as the advocate for the designer to ensure the time and process needed on site to carefully control the installation, curing and grinding processes could be integrated into the building program. “We were able to expedite production,” Kerry Scott, co-founder of Covet, said, “and have the low-shrink concrete flooring completed within the tight timeframe – meaning the client and the designer didn’t need to compromise on a substitute that wouldn’t be as strong or with such a thin profile, while also not holding up any other trades on site.”

“What we loved about the process was the available selections,” Anna said. “Covet had an endless number of aggregates to choose from, and in the end, the pink stone we selected meant the palette directly reflected the brand. While the custom finish took a collective approach to achieve, it was so great to incorporate an element into the design that would be long lasting, and remain in place well beyond the tenancy, which definitely makes you feel like you’ve contributed from a sustainability perspective.”

With a focus on the developed technologies and innovation of the brand, Covet is confident of the appeal of the concrete terrazzo overlay’s thin, resilient and enduring nature, and looks forward to aiding other designers to complete their visions as diligently.

Project details

Location: Coco & Lola, Manly NSW; Shop 2/13 Whistler St, Manly NSW 2095

Concrete Surface: Concrete Overlay 10mm

Concrete Colour: Alabaster

Aggregate Colour: Custom blend of 6mm White Marble and Pink Marble

Surface Finish: Terrazzo - exposed aggregate

Client: Coco & Lola

Design: Esoteriko

Overlay Installer: Diamond Shine Polished Concrete

Photography: Dave Wheeler