Cora Bike Rack has released its latest bicycle parking product catalogue, featuring secure and attractive bike racks, bicycle parking rails, and wall mounted bike racks. Ideal for all applications and designed for ease of use and installation, Cora Bike Rack offers the ideal solution for your bicycle parking requirements.

Bicycle parking has become an essential consideration for Australian architects and builders. Unfortunately, many bicycle parking facilities fail to provide adequate security, create a hazard to pedestrians and diminish streetscape and building aesthetics. Architects can play a key role in providing safe and effective bicycle facilities, by specifying high quality bicycle parking products that encourage use and enhance surroundings.

Cora Bike Rack has just released its latest product catalogue, featuring an expanded selection of proprietary bicycle rack designs that surpass AS2890.3 requirements and are suitable for all applications.

Cora products have recently been installed at Sydney Opera House and WA Maritime Museum.