ImagInk printed glass from Cooling Bros Glass Co was part of a new public art installation in Subiaco, Western Australia.

‘Spectrum’, designed by local artist Rick Vermey, is the first public art installation in Western Australia to combine the Vanceva Colour System with ImagInk digital ceramic fritting on glass.

Representing a refreshing change of direction from current materials used within the public art landscape in Perth, Spectrum is a stunning addition to Qube Property Group’s latest boutique development, The Wexford.

The art installation combines the Vanceva Colour System and ImagInk printed glass together with perforated sheet metal in lenticular façade with a saw-toothed configuration, showcasing a flowing kaleidoscope of colour and light at street level. The appearance changes with the change in the ambient light, and as a pedestrian walks by its full length.

Artist Rick explains that the faceting enables a shifting presence to the artwork, allowing it to reveal itself gradually to the audience.