CCS Stylepave from Concrete Colour Systems is a concrete resurfacing system typically used to enhance or refresh concrete surfaces. A recent project saw the concrete resurfacing system being used in an entirely innovative application by Nat Stapleton of Stapleton Carpentry and Concreting.

Having just completed building a new pizza oven, Nat, a CCS Stylepave applicator with considerable experience, decided to use leftovers from the resurfacing system as a coating for his pizza oven. He knew that Stylepave’s high polymer content made it an ideal product to handle the expansion and contraction of oven heat.

Just as he expected, CCS Stylepave made an excellent coating, both in terms of finish as well as its ability to handle high temperatures with ease. Though coating the material on a vertical surface was a little tricky, he was able to achieve a great looking, durable finish that was also easy to clean and maintain.

With 12 years of experience on CCS Stylepave, Nat is the perfect person to contact for your next concrete resurfacing project.