The Swinburne University Technology Centre in Melbourne is just one of many buildings throughout Australia where Concrete Colour Systems ’ pigments have been selected to permanently colour concrete facades.

The exterior concrete panels were made by Melbourne-based company Advanced Precast, using four different casting tables in a muffin pan configuration to create the frothing bubble effect.

A brilliant white pigment supplied by Concrete Colour Systems (CCS) was used with off-white cement to create the distinctive finish.

Despite the panels being manufactured over a 12 month period and spanning four seasonal changes, excellent uniformity in colour has been achieved.

The use of full depth concrete colour pigments on vertical structures such as buildings, freeway sound barriers and retaining walls adds an attractive, naturally coloured appearance without the need for re-application of paints every few years.

Further information and advice on colouring concrete with CCS’s range of attractive pigments is available from the Concrete Colour Systems website.