Revive, rejuvenate and enhance concrete surfaces with the CCS Colour Master sealer from Concrete Colour Systems.

A two-part sealer system formulated for colouring plain concrete in domestic and light commercial applications, CCS Colour Master sealer provides a rich, UV-resistant colour in an opaque finish. The high performance sealer incorporates a strong resin that can withstand harsh Australian weather conditions.

Backed by over 20 years of experience, CCS sealers are proven to provide long-term protection to concrete surfaces.

Now add vibrant colour to your driveway and property with the CCS Colour Master sealer, available in 12 standard tint colours. These include Shale Grey, Storm Grey, Blue Grey, Coal, Charcoal, Black, Sandstone, Terracotta, Almond, Taupe, Fossil, and Truffle.

Custom colours are available on request.