Eagle Eye remote vision and data monitoring devices, available from Coates Hire , provide increased flexibility for the management and safety of road construction projects.  

Recent technological advances in the field of remote vision facilitated the development of Eagle Eye, which allows engineers and project managers to monitor constant real-time traffic flows, climatic changes and site security all from a PC or laptop.  

The web application that remotely monitors the Eagle Eye also provides archived vision and data. Data measured by weather sensors, can detect real time changes in barometric pressure, precipitation, humidity, temperature and wind speed and direction.

During the devastating QLD January floods, the Eagle Eye monitoring devices beamed back real time footage to a desktop PC via the Telstra G 3G network, providing authorities with graphic information of some of the challenges rising flood waters were creating on the Leichhardt Highway.

Coates Hire also specialises in the distribution of a variety of other traffic management products including temporary fencing, barriers, virtual message boards and a range of signs, cones and road safety gear.  

Additionally, as the exclusive Australian supplier of Boylan Group products, Coates Hire offers the new BarrierGuard 800 road safety barriers. Constructed of lightweight steel, these products are the highest rating road safety barriers in Australia.