For the duration of its Ultimate Chariot of Hire promo where one lucky customer will win a Toyota Hilux SR5, Coates Hire will feature a review of one of their own ‘Chariots of Hire’ each week.

This week’s focus is on the CB22, a versatile utility compactor by Caterpillar. A range of vibratory rollers ideal for small jobs or projects, the CB22 utility rollers are highly versatile and can function in a supporting role for high-production rollers on large project sites.

Equipped with a 1m wide drum and high amplitude, which allows it to achieve a tons-per-day production rate, the CB22 is an excellent machine for use on shoulders, small parking lots, lane additions or other similar sized jobs.

John Annison, National Production Manager - Earthmoving, Compaction and Machine Control explains that the right balance of weight and power is a key reason behind the CB22’s popularity, adding that the dimensions of the utility compactors provide excellent manoeuvrability for working in tight areas while the drum width and high static force perform well on larger job sites.

The CB22 also combines service and reliability features with operation comfort and ergonomics.

Key features of CAT CB22 utility rollers:

  • Dual frequency vibratory system provides a good balance between frequency and amplitude
  • Two frequencies of 63Hz and 55Hz provide increased application versatility
  • Corrosion-proof system and extended-life components provide reliable operation
  • Large 150L high-capacity polyethylene water tank enclosed within the machine frame provides extended operation
  • Additional tank with a 90L capacity provides total water capacity of 240L
  • Newly designed drain allows the entire system to be quickly drained
  • Operator’s station incorporates a fully-equipped console and adjustable sliding suspension seat
  • Arm and wrist rests provide better operator comfort for day-long productivity
  • Steering wheel includes a steering knob for easy manoeuvrability in turns
  • 12-volt outlet for plugging in personal electronic devices also included
  • User-friendly instrument panel integrates a fuel level indicator, hour meter and light indicators for machine functions
  • Key switch includes an automatic engine pre-heat feature to assist in cold-weather starting