Coates Hire  is a specialist in supplying equipment for hire. Coates Hire supplies handling equipment, air powered tools, compaction equipment, concrete and masonry equipment and grinding and landscaping equipment

Coates Hire supplies access equipment including personal lifts, scissor lifts and trailer mounted booms. Air powered tools offer by Coates Hire include electric compressors and portable diesel compressors. Coates Hire also offers bolting tools like bolt tensioners, hydraulic flake spreaders, air nut runners and torque wenches.

Coates Hire offers cable handling equipment including cable cutters, cable drum lifters, long rollers, blower kits and drum trailers. Cleaning and maintenance equipment from Coates Hire include wall paper steamers, dry vacuum cleaners, buffer polisher, cold and hot water washer. Coates Hire offers compaction equipment including single smooth drum, single platform drum, static multi tyre roller and trench rollers.

The concrete and masonry equipment from Coates Hire includes kibble buckets, grinders, mixers and saws. Coates Hire also offers construction lasers like laser plane, grader/dozer machine control and interior/ceiling laser. Construction hardware equipment like flashing lights, traffic cones, test plugs, barrier mesh, barricades and road signs are also offered by Coates Hire.

Crane and forklift equipment from Coates Hire includes bulk waste bins, goods cages, gas bootle carriers and man carrying cages. Coates Hire offers cutters, grinders and the drills breakers and fixing tools from Coates Hire include drill bits, drill presses, riveters and staple guns.

Grinding and landscaping equipment from Coates Hire include trimmers, tree stump grinders, turf cutter and wheel barrows.