Chatterton Lacework advises buyers of wrought iron components and wrought iron accessories to inspect carefully to ensure they are getting a durable product.

When inspecting wrought iron components and accessories, check that the various components have a robust structure, the welding of the end product is tidy and, in the case of heritage-style wrought iron, there is symmetry to the scroll work. Compliance with Australian building code regulations is also important.

Security elements can be incorporated into wrought iron fencing made from wrought iron components and wrought iron accessories, even in heritage style products. For instance, spears can be added on top of the heritage wrought iron fence for extra security.

Wrought iron fencing can cost money; therefore, it is important to consider various corrosion treatment options to ensure long-term durability. It would also help to look at some of the manufacturer’s previous work for product quality assurance.

Contact a wrought iron professional in your area to view a range of modern and traditional wrought iron fencing styles.