Chatterton Lacework  introduces a range of new designs to its collection of traditional post capitals. All new designs will fit 90x90, 100x100, 120x120 and 150x150 posts.

A feature highlight on wrought iron fencing posts, traditional post capitals will complement the range of original, traditional lion posts. Lion posts are made of non-rusting aluminium, are light in weight, complement wrought iron fencing and are robust enough to be used in traditional wrought iron fencing. They are available in a range of traditional powder-coated colours.

Lion head gate post manufacturer Chatterton Lacework manufactures an all new Victorian period style, original design sand cast lion gate posts, including traditional post capitals. Similar to many other decorative Victorian style posts, these gate posts and the decorative traditional post capitals make a statement of unmatched style.

The decorative posts are integrated into Victorian wrought iron fencing utilising the large range of Chatterton heritage spearheads.

These gate posts are manufactured in non rust aluminium making them a suitable addition to any heritage property exposed to coastal elements. The gate posts will look at home anywhere from a single fronted Victorian terrace to a large heritage homestead.