Chatterton Lacework offers lacework and balustrade replacement services in Melbourne and Sydney. 

Iron lacework on a Victorian house is one of the most dominant features of the facade, and its rehabilitation or replacement immediately refreshes the character and charm of the house. 

Original iron lacework can be reproduced in aluminium without losing any of its authentic qualities, which is an important factor in restoration work. Much lighter to work with, aluminium lacework also does not rust and is easier to paint, making it a very popular material. 

When replacing the lacework on an old home, it is important to match it to designs within the immediate neighbourhood. The matching of lacework, corners and frieze on a terrace was more common in Melbourne houses than in Sydney.

When trying to buy a matching panel or piece of lace, the castings may look the same, but differ in size. In this case reproduction of the casting would be the best option.