Chatterton Lacework advises that wrought iron components should be inspected carefully for robustness, clean welding, symmetry and compliance.

When inspecting wrought iron components, one will need to check that the various components have a robust structure, the welding of the end product is tidy and there is symmetry to the scroll work if it is heritage-style wrought iron. It's also important to ensure that the product complies with Australian building code regulations.

Wrought iron fencing, even in heritage styles can easily incorporate security elements such as the 'spear' design on top of heritage wrought iron fences. The one drawback to wrought iron fencing is that it is not particularly cheap.

Therefore, when purchasing wrought iron fencing, it would be a good idea to get the salesperson to explain the various corrosion treatment options. 

A wrought iron professional in the neighbourhood can provide guidance on a range of modern and traditional wrought iron fencing styles.