Chatterton Lacework  offers a versatile collection of letterboxes in various designs and styles to suit different homes.

Chatterton Lacework’s range of letterboxes includes the popular Federation Style letterboxes, featuring a heavy duty 90 x 90 aluminium tube post and a decorative post capital on the top of the post plus a heavy number plate and old fashioned scroll on top of the number plate. A large Aussie letterbox, featuring a large round top hangs on the other side of the post and is long enough to take large mail. The demand for large letterboxes has increased in recent years.

The Royal Park letterbox, another Melbourne made letterbox is a square large letterbox with a fancy top and an Old English coat of arms on the face.

The Brunswick letterbox is similar to the Royal Park design minus the fancy top and the coat of arms on the front.

All letterboxes from Chatterton Lacework are available in a wide range of powder-coated colours, especially Colorbond colours used in roofing and garage doors.