Chatterton Lacework has supplied lacework and balustrade for the restoration work at the National Hotel Fremantle in Western Australia.

Manufactured by Chatterton Lacework Melbourne, the lacework used to complement the historical building features a large clover design on the balcony upstairs and a smaller clover lacework on the ground floor. This design is fitted beneath the clover key frieze to make a stunning display of original Victorian lacework. 

The upstairs balcony has an excellent display of sunflower panels in the balustrade and a matching intermediate baluster, all authorised by the National Trust.

The National Hotel Fremantle offers a perfect example of lacework and balustrade restoration. 

An integral part of the heritage architectural lacework landscape, Fremantle in Western Australia has displays of old lacework dating back to 1850 and seen on many public buildings and hotels. Heritage-style lacework is increasingly popular as newer style properties are being built with an old style look. 

Old properties are also being restored with a replica of the original design, or using a new design dating back to the same period.