Restoration of heritage properties, especially the lacework on verandahs can be executed easily given the wide range of options available in the market for iron lacework, aluminium lacework and lace balustrade products.

Replacing the rotting timber or corroded cast iron posts on verandahs has never been easier with the large range of new products on the market.

Old cast iron products on heritage properties can look worn out after they have been on the property for over 100 years. Replacing the existing iron lacework with aluminium lacework or the old balustrade with decorative aluminium heritage lace balustrade will go a long way in enhancing the property.

The old and worn-out cast iron products can be replaced in cast iron or aluminium castings. Original heritage cast iron lacework can be reproduced in both small and large quantities, and will look almost identical to the original castings. Lace balustrade panels can be reproduced the same way as aluminium lacework or cast iron lacework.

With several excellent reproductions available, the consumer’s attitude towards replicas of lacework or lace balustrade in aluminium is rapidly changing.

Chatterton Lacework  is a specialist provider of wrought iron products in Australia.