Chatterton Lacework explains how to install lacework designs such as Galaxy, Westminster, Bristol, Maldon, Small Vase, Berwick, Canterbury Belle, Small Clover, Fishfern, Kooyong, Sandsville and Snowflake.

The first step is to install all the corner sections of the lacework design by holding each corner into the top section of the post and fixing it to the post and the above beam with plasterboard or wood screws utilising the fixing lugs on the corner. Suitable fasteners may be required if the fixing to the above beam or post is made of steel or any another material.

Once the corners are attached, install the decorative dropper in the centre of the span between the two posts, fixing it to the above beam. The lacework can then be installed by fitting one section of the frieze to the edge of the corner. This is done on both corners on either side of the span. If the lace overhangs the dropper, it can be cut neatly to fit behind the decorative dropper.

Repeat this process on the lacework on the opposite side of the span.

If there is a gap between the frieze and the dropper resulting from the span being wider, cut a small section to join onto the lace to fit behind the dropper. It is important to cut a section of lace from the end of the frieze to join onto the existing frieze. Repeat this process on the opposite section of the lace.