Chamberlain Australia brand Merlin presents a new range of automatic garage door openers designed to comply with the new installation standards for garage doors in cyclone-prone regions.

Following the devastation caused by Cyclone Yasi in 2011, coupled with the $3.6 billion damage bill, the National Construction Code was revised and updated, according to which new buildings in cyclone-prone areas of northern Australia are required to use wind-resistant garage doors, installed professionally to meet the updated building code.

The revised Australian Standard AS/NZS 4505:2012 ‘garage doors and other large access doors’ applies to new buildings in all coastal regions north of Bundaberg, Northern Territory and Western Australia north of Carnarvon; all these areas are deemed Wind Regions C and D.

Garage doors sold in Wind Regions C and D are required to be tested, certified and supplied with a sticker displaying the door’s design pressure. Garage door dealers and installers are also required to comply with the Australian and New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 60335-2-95 during installation.

One of Australia’s leading brands of professionally installed automatic garage door openers, Merlin introduces the CyclonePro specifically designed to meet this code. Compliant with AS/NZS 60335-2-95, the CyclonePro offers a solution for providing automation for cyclone doors, as well as heavy residential doors.

Heavier than standard garage doors, cyclone doors require a specially designed automatic opener to ensure safe and reliable operation. CyclonePro is designed to safely operate cyclone doors and heavy residential sectional doors weighing up to 286kg, where beams are installed, providing peace-of-mind for builders, installers and homeowners.

Merlin is working closely with dealers and builders to assist with the new codes, compliant products as well as technical and installation support.

Merlin’s Head of Marketing, Grant Emanuel explains that installers and builders need to select an automatic garage door opener that complies with Australian and New Zealand standards as these products have been tested and certified for specific areas affected by different environmental conditions.

Merlin will offer a 5-year warranty when a CyclonePro opener is attached to a heavy residential or cyclone garage door by an accredited installer.

Merlin’s CyclonePro has been specifically designed to comply with Australian and New Zealand standards. One of the few openers that automate cyclone doors in the cyclone-prone areas of Australia, CyclonePro comes with a number of innovative safety features such as safety reversal technology and automatic stop if obstructed while opening or closing, to ensure the protection of life and property.

Merlin is a brand of the world's largest manufacturer of automatic garage door openers, the Chamberlain Group.