Chamberlain Australia  presents a DIY range of automatic garage door openers designed to allow Australian homeowners to easily and conveniently automate their manual garage doors.
The low cost Chamberlain automatic garage door openers offer a simple and affordable DIY solution to automate garage doors without having to purchase a whole new door, enabling homeowners to avoid enduring unpleasant weather conditions while also saving time when leaving or entering the house in the car.
Chamberlain Marketing Manager, Greg Wright explains that the DIY range has been designed for easy installation while still providing smart buyers with a quality product and the assurance of many years of convenience and reliable operation.
Featuring a slim and modern design, the Chamberlain automatic garage door openers range will suit new or existing garage doors of any brand. Chamberlain offers a choice of four models with options for single or double roller doors and single or double sectional doors.
The installation package includes a high quality opener, remote controls, simple step-by-step instructions and a fitting kit. Installation guides and walkthrough videos are also available on Chamberlain’s website for the DIY-er’s convenience.
Chamberlain garage door openers are available at most Bunnings and Masters Stores.  
Backed by over 30 years of experience, Chamberlain is a world-leading manufacturer of automatic door openers for residential and commercial applications with the very latest safety, security and convenience features.