Stroud Homes Builders specialises in tailoring their home designs to suit different locations, with the design and material selection of each home influenced by the local environment.

Stroud Homes has created a display home, The Azalea 247, designed specifically for the Sunshine Coast, featuring striking geometric shapes with a natural timber look to create a contemporary, luxe aesthetic. Territory Woodlands Teak, a classic cladding product from Cemintel® provides a lifelike woodgrain texture to the display home, achieving an attractive timber look with minimal maintenance.

The timber look cladding has been installed on the front facade and sides of the home, with its attractive organic tone balancing the minimalist black panels. The Cemintel cladding requires minimal upkeep, allowing customers more time to enjoy their stunning home and the beautiful outdoor surroundings.

According to Daniel Chapman, Director of Stroud Homes, the timber-style look fits beautifully with the gorgeous Sunshine Coast environment; however, real timber is difficult to maintain in the coastal weather. Cemintel’s cladding allows homeowners to easily replicate the beautiful timber style on their homes, enabling customers to build the home they truly want, regardless of their location.