Available now from Cemintel Fibre Cement Systems , Residential RendaLine is a complete external cladding system which brings the advantages of a lightweight construction system to a rendered masonry-style external appearance.

The Residential RendaLine external cladding system utilises a standard timber or steel structural frame with a batten spacer fixed for application. Residential RendaLine preformed reveals, window sills and corners can also be installed to form corners and traditional recessed window and door openings to complete the cladding process.

Once the Residential RendaLine external cladding is installed, a jointing and coating system is applied to give a seamless, strong and waterproof finish that is both durable and attractive.

Residential RendaLine external cladding is available in a smooth, pre-mixed skim and texture range and is designed for external cladding applications on residential buildings, such as new homes with slab on ground or timber floor construction, duplex and town houses, the re-cladding of existing homes, and even light commercial applications.

As Residential RendaLine is a complete engineered external cladding system from a single supplier, it comes with a warranty that covers everything from the sheet to the coating.