BareStone, a prefinished exterior facade system from Cemintel® was selected for the new multipurpose space created for students at the Warrnambool Emmanuel College in Victoria. Having doubled student enrolments in ten years, Warrnambool Emmanuel College needed a multipurpose space to grow alongside the community.

This space would not only serve as a beautiful backdrop for all aspects of student life, allow creativity and academia to flourish, and sporting opportunities to grow but also be a central space for community events.

The multipurpose space was achieved using Cemintel’s BareStone, a prefinished exterior facade that combines the look of raw cement with the performance and ease of installation of Cemintel’s ExpressWall. Featuring a geometric pattern in soft, dappled grey, BareStone was selected by the project architect Cirillo Architects to create a distinctive structure, adaptable to its many uses by students and the Warrnambool community.

BareStone is a low maintenance cladding product making it ideal for the demanding school setting.

Builder BDH Construction’s David Janes commented that the cladding was the perfect fit for a busy school environment, as it was prefinished and low maintenance, and enhanced the design of the centre.