Cemintel Fibre Cement Systems presents their Headland and Endeavour weatherboards that will not rot or warp and are resistant to fire and termite damage.

The Headland and Endeavour weatherboards are cement weatherboards that are autoclaved and cellulose fibre reinforced. These weatherboards are designed for residential applications including new home construction, composite construction, upper and lower story additions, over-cladding of existing walls, gable ends and infill and feature panels.

The Headland weatherboards feature a single, sharp edged, linear recess and are machine profiled from 10mm thick base board. These weatherboards are fixed in a traditional step pattern and have an angled notch for easy alignment and 25mm overlap.

The Endeavour weatherboards consist of a double width board machine profiled from 10mm thick based board. They have two equally spaced linear features and is recessed for 17mm overlap.

Features of the Headland & Endeavour weatherboards:

  • Immune to permanent water damage
  • Easily fixed together without clips or add ons
  • Pre-primed
  • Pre-fabricated detail options (window sills & corners)
  • Lightweight construction method


The Headland and Endeavour weatherboards, from Cemintel Fibre Cement Systems, also offer a full range of system accessories, including windowsills, corners and sealants.