The Designer Series range from Cemintel™ is pushing the boundaries beyond its intended application. 

Originally created as an external cladding solution for the residential market, Designer Series has evolved from being used as a feature wall on new homes to an innovative design solution in small commercial buildings.

Popular among architects, designers, specifiers and builders for its varying styles, textures and colours and ease of installation, Designer Series has grown exponentially in the commercial market.

Cemintel’s Designer Series has been specified at The Whalers Hotel in Warrnambool, Victoria for two popular, well serviced bars. Contemporary in appearance, Slimline Slate was installed on the entire length of both bars, blending the outside rooftop bar with the chill-out lounge, and accentuating the soft neutral tones of the newly refurbished hotel.

George Benyon, owner of The Peards Complex in Albury agrees that Designer Series can offer both creativity and practical means. The Peards Complex, an outlet for landscaping and garden supplies, is situated on a main road that sees up to 14,000 cars passing per month. When Mr Benyon renovated the front entrance and incorporated 110m² of Textured Ebony Design Series, he literally stopped traffic.

According to Mr Benyon, he discovered Designer Series by accident while visiting a building expo in Melbourne and was inspired to use it as a feature in his future refurbishments.
Illustrating the creative nature of Designer Series, the head office of Cochrane Electrical in Victoria demonstrates a standard problem faced by many designers - creating an extraordinary design in an average commercial space.

The two storey office block attached to a factory has eight wings. The challenge was to highlight these wings and make them a prominent aspect. Two styles from the Designer Series range – Smooth in Mocha and Slimline Slate – helped achieve a distinct look, according to Paul Cochrane, General Manager of Cochrane Electrical.

Since the panels had to be fitted on unusual and uneven-sized walls, there was an abnormal amount of extra cutting and sealing involved, which would have been the case with any other product. However, being pre-finished, the panels did not require sealing or painting.

Cemintel Designer Series is also featured on the clubhouse of the largest golf range in the Southern Hemisphere, Thornleigh Golf Centre, with Smooth in Mocha installed on the external façade. Smooth in Mocha was the ideal choice to create a stylish yet practical walling solution that blended with the natural bush surrounds.